About Us

My human and I currently live up the North Fork Valley outside of Somerset, Colorado. We're in the West Elks of the Colorado Rockies.
He works on an 8000 acre ranch as a camp cook and guide during the hunting seasons and a caretaker and general ranch hand the rest of the year.
Recreation is simple, just mountain biking, hiking and cutting firewood.
He's a bit of a nerd in that he uses Linux on his Thinkpad. He's not so much of a geek any more, just uses Linux Mint as the daily driver, the distro hopping days are in the past.
We currently driving around in a '81 Bronco that is also called Stella Blue. A chunk of change has been put into her and much more to go. A labor of love.
And live in a late 1930's, early 1940's Spartan Manor trailer that's been semi remodeled.