Thinkpad's rule! I am a Thinkpad boy and just love the machines. Got my first one, the T420 years ago and have been sold on them since.

Currently I have a x270 loaded with Linux Mint and use as my daily driver, a x260 loaded with Windows 10 for work stuff, and a T420 loaded with Linux Mint and Kodi for a media player.

Anyway, here are some specs:

OS: Linux Mint 20.3 Beta
CPU: Intel i7-7600U
Ram: 16 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620
Storage: 4 TB Sandisk Ultra 3D Nand SSD

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5-6300U
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
Storage: 2 TB Crucial MX-500 SSD

OS: Linux Mint 20.2
CPU: Intel Core i5-2520M (2 cores / 4 threads)
Graphics: NVidia Quadro NVS-4200M / Intel HD Graphics 3000
Storage: 500 GB Crucial MX-500 SSD / 4 TB Wd Elements portable HDD

I do have a couple other machines that aren't Thinkpads, a early 2015 Macbook Pro and a Beelink U57. The Macbook is for Airdropping videos from hunters/guides iPhones and the Beelink is set up as a Game Cam video player in the main lodge at camp.