Spartan Manor

Spartan Manor looking south
Looking South towards Mount Lamborn

This is a late 30's early 40's Spartan Manor trailer.

This trailer has some history. Some of it I don't even now lol. It has been on this property for a very long time.
There was a gentleman, who has since passed, that lived in it at a couple different places on the propetry.

For the 5 years I've been here, and quite a few years before, it was out in a meadow and used as a rifle blind. The roof had collapsed on the front window section. Thus, all the windows and interior was removed in that section and the roof propped back up. The back still was still, kinda, intact.
When my old trailer collapsed under an big, heavy April snow load it was suggested I move this beast and refurbish it. I was unsure at first but decided to go with it. Once of the best decisions of my life!

Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to move. Tires aired right up and off we where. Getting it to its current home took a bit but it's there. The only issue moving it, the door off the deck took a good hit on a rock. There was some work to do so it closed properly again but I got it working, more or less lol.
Decided it was best just to gut the trailer and start over. It hurt as the original wood work was awesome but it really needed new wiring and insulation. And with the front already trashed it seemed the best thing to do. Took it down to bare aluminum and base flooring. Added insulation, plywood on walls and ceiling. Two double 2x4 arches to support the roof about 1/3 and 2/3'd along the length. Put in two windows with another good support arch up front to replace the original windows. A heater to keep me warm during the October / November hunting season. Fit the old sink counter top in (I don't have running water, just a 5 gallon water cooler on the counter top for water. The drains do drain outside thought).

Things I still need to work on are:

  • I need to figure out how to insulate the doors without ripping them apart. They are the week link right now when it is cold.
  • Seal and finish all non functioning windows (The rear side windows still roll up and down !!!!)
  • Get a good sealer on the roof
  • Figure out some seals for the doors. Thinking I'm going to seal up the front door by my bed as I really don't use it or need it.
  • Fix the door latch hardware so they work.
  • Finish the interior so it looks better.

A couple pictures of the interior:

towards the back


looking towards the front

A good link for what a properly restored Spartan Manor looks like: Old Trailer: Spartan Manor